Author: EpicMerchant


Signatures On Receipts No Longer Required!

Networks Signature Required policy on credit cards becoming optional this month. Just how many merchants will take advantage of the networks’ new signature-optional policies remains to be seen. The market expects more than half of merchants will stop requiring cardholder signatures at the point of sale. Mastercard last year was the first card brand to…


Debit Cards Taking Cash Over

Federal Reserve banks’ report released  shows debit cards have become the most used form of payment over cash. The news comes out from the 2018 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice, the fifth in an annual survey overseen by the Federal Reserve banks of Atlanta, Boston, Richmond, Va., and San Francisco. The research draws on a…


Fiserv creates PIN-Based Contactless Payments

Fiserv Inc. said this week they have performed the first PIN-on-mobile contactless transaction involving only a mobile phone. This capability could expand the availability of PIN-on-mobile technology significantly by allowing small merchants to accept card payments with no more hardware than their mobile phone or tablet. “This simplifies payment acceptance by allowing merchants to accept…