With its announcement today, intelligent enterprise payment solutions provider Plastiq becomes the first company to fully integrate QuickBooks Online into its payments platform. The integration will enable businesses to take advantage of an automated payments reconciliation system that cuts costs, saves time, and eliminates the burden of manual data entry.

“Time and again, we’ve heard from our customers how crucial QuickBooks is to their record-keeping, but as a small business ourselves, we also recognize how time-consuming and error-prone it can be to manually maintain accurate QuickBooks records,” Plastiq co-founder and CEO Eliot Buchanan said. “By integrating QuickBooks into Plastiq, we’re giving businesses back vital time and resources while greatly reducing the chances of human error, enabling businesses to keep their eyes on innovating and propelling growth.”

The integration with QuickBooks will enable Plastiq users to import invoices directly, accelerating the process of identifying and populating essential data elements including vendor name, amount due, and more. After invoices have been paid via Plastiq, the payment information is exported back to QuickBooks to ensure accurate record-keeping for monthly reporting, tax returns, audits, and other compliance-related matters.

The full integration gives Plastiq an advantage over other platforms, whose partial integrations with QuickBooks still leave room for error, especially in the import/export process. This often means returning to manual data entry to make corrections, which not only takes up additional time and resources, but also re-opens the process to the potential for human error. With Plastiq’s full integration, by contrast, companies’ QuickBooks entries are “completely and accurately” updated to ensure both day-to-day accuracy as well as error-free monthly reconciliations and tax reporting.

Founded in 2012, San Francisco, California-based Plastiq ended 2020 with the launch of its new cash payments offering. The new feature enables businesses to pay all of their bills via their linked bank accounts, credit cards, or debit cards. Company Chief Product and Technology Officer Stoyan Kenderov said the addition provided a “fully integrated, intelligent payments solution that serves as a one-stop shop for all of businesses’ payment needs.”

Last fall, Plastiq’s Head of People, Angela Loeffler, was named to The Financial Technology Report’s 2020 Top 25 Women Leaders in Financial Technology roster. The company has raised more than $141 million in funding, most recently securing $75 million in a Series D round last spring led by B Capital Group.

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