You may have gotten the idea to sell supplements online recently. As such, you have probably researched your options when it comes to where you can sell the supplements, but has selling supplements on eBay crossed your mind?

Websites like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and Google are
used most commonly for selling supplements online. eBay is an older and less
popular eCommerce platform but is much less saturated.

So why is selling supplements on eBay often overlooked by

eBay is less popular than the other platforms, but they still get plenty of traffic. Currently, eBay has a userbase of 182 million people.

The thing about eBay is that most people go on there to bid on certain products, and logically, not many people are interested in bidding for bottles of vitamins and other supplements.

However, eBay is a lot less saturated platform when it comes
to selling supplements than websites like Amazon, and that can shift the
perspective towards the platform when it comes to selling on there.

Also, eBay has added a “buy now” option where the
bidding system is overlooked, and you will pay a certain set amount of money
for the item. This is great for those who do not like to sit and bid against
others for a single product.

Less Saturated Market

selling supplements on ebay because it is a less saturated market

When you start getting into the business of selling
supplements, there are two main ways to operate.

You can either create your line of unique supplements with your own branding, formula, bottles, and label designs. Or you can use a pre-existing brand and sell their line of supplements for a percentage. The ladder option is also known as an affiliate program.

When you first get into selling supplements online, you will notice that other brands already occupy the top search results for all kinds of supplements. The other brands being already well established will make it nearly impossible for you to join them at the top of search result positioning, leaving them to gain most of the customer’s business. At the same time, your supplement would wallow away in the dozens of pages never looked at by customers.

On the other hand, eBay is a much less saturated market when
it comes to selling supplements, and as an advantage, your product has a higher
chance of ranking up higher on the search results and allows you to sell a lot
more in the process.

By properly constructing your product listing, adding
quality images, and doing keyword research to boost your post, you have a much
higher chance of actually selling your supplements on eBay than on any other
e-commerce website currently.

Another Place to Promote
Your Brand

Promote your brand on eBay because it is another outlet

Suppose you are a new brand that is just starting and has
not yet made a name for yourself. In that case, you will want to build a
reputation for yourself and show potential customers you are both knowledgable
and producing high-quality supplements. This can be done by having other
reputable sites cover your product along with your site having many blog
articles that display your knowledge in the industry.

Ideally, you want to post your products up for sale on as
many platforms as possible, not only will this increase the chances of having
more supplements sold in the long term, but you will be ranked higher as a
keyword on search engine results, allowing your brand name to grow it’s

Remember the last time you searched for something online,
and it had just one result? Weird, right?

Imagine that if that product you researched appeared in the
search results, it would completely change your perspective about the brand.
Also, there is a much higher chance that you will purchase the product due to
the search bringing you the one best option according to your search.

Building a Great Seller Profile

Selling supplements on eBay starts with having a great seller profile

A great profile can make or break any business.

Suppose you go on eBay and check the profiles selling some
of the products. Chances are you will find different random names without
profile images, which makes the seller a lot less trustworthy.

To perform well on the platform as a whole, you need to
sharpen up your profile.

Start by adding an image of yourself or your brand’s logo
and make it the profile picture. Then, ensure the name of the profile is either
your name or the brand name; it should match the profile picture you have.
These two steps alone will make your profile and listings look more
professional and will boost consumer confidence.

Make sure to showcase your reviews and feedback from
previous clients, as this increases the level of trust and legitimacy of your
brand astronomically, and you improve your search ranking as a result of
positive reviews and feedback.

The better ratings you get, the higher the chances are that
someone will choose to purchase from you in the future, as they can see that
people in the past have had a wonderful time and are extremely satisfied with
buying and consuming your supplements.

Make sure to add a bit of character to the profile and the
product description as not to sound robotic, as people love a brand they can
relate to.

Greeting your customers, sharing your story, have clear messaging about your brand, and a clear mission that they can connect with, tell them about your origins and the idea behind the brand of supplements began, and convince them that your brand of supplements is one of the best ones out there.

The Importance of Keywords

Writing product names and descriptions is more complicated than just whatever comes to your mind.

It should include keywords and other words used commonly to search for that type of product. Make sure always to ask yourself what words people are usually typing on a search engine when looking to buy supplements on eBay, as these keywords can connect buyers to your products.

By conducting market analysis and looking into statistics to figure out what some of the most searched phrases are within the industry, you can create the best eBay listings and profile possible. This will set you up for success and turn a once “forgotten” platform into a highly-productive platform.

Where to Create Your Supplements

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