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High Risk Solutions

Epic Merchant Services

Everyday, banks turn down businesses because of their industry type, being a start up business, or not so good credit. When banks turn these businesses away, we can help. To put it simply...we take the risk when most banks won’t.

Cashless ATM Machines

Epic Merchant Services Cashless ATM

By converting card users over to Cashless ATM, you’ll be profiting on each transaction instead of paying money for each card holders convenience of using their card. This method of card acceptance also works perfectly for merchants who cannot establish a merchant account.


Epic Merchant Services

Top of the line gateway for your website. Very user friendly plug-in to set you up in no time. Most banks and processors only service low risk merchants. Epic Merchant Services has also developed relationships with key banks and strategic channels that cater to hard to place and high risk accounts.

Card Not Present /MOTO

Epic Merchant Services

Virtual Terminal (VT) is the best solution when taking cards by phone or fax in a card not present environment. VT provides important sales reports, recurring billing and supports multiple users. With our Interchange Optimization you will receive discounts on Commercial cards lowering the cost of doing business.

0% Rate Program

Epic Merchant Services

The Zero Percent Rate Program is here. This is our Cash Discount model. For many years municipalities and gas stations have processed credit cards on this model. This is available on Card Present as well as Online merchants. Come and see how this processing works and can eliminate your fees when taking credit cards.

Strategic Bank Partnerships

Epic Merchant Services

Partnering with Financial Institutions to serve the needs of their clients. We provide dedicated agents for each and every account which is a valuable asset for keeping clients happy. We are not dodge ball champions with phone calls and are very accessible to address any concerns.

Epic Merchant Services

Serving Merchants Nationwide

Merchants are the reason we are in business. We thank each one of you for your business throughout the years. We show our appreciation by taking good care and maintaining our accounts with the highest level of customer service. Our hard work shows in all the referred business we receive back.

Our merchants have their 24/7 365 customer support help desk readily available. In addition, our merchants all have their dedicated representative’s cell number as well for any concern they may have.

Epic Merchant Services

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