High Risk Businesses

High Risk Merchant Accounts

When Do Merchant Accounts Become High Risk??

Banks, Processors and Acquirers consider a merchant account “High Risk” due to the association prohibition, high reputational risk, high fraud potential, is prone to chargebacks, or risk of financial failure exits.

These types of businesses often fall under the Card Not Present category, work from home and/or being a start up business. Processors also have a long list of industry types that they will not open an account for. You can see what a general list looks like below. 

Common commercial banks aren’t prepared to take on these riskier merchant accounts. We partner with various banks that specialize in establishing these account types. 

Industries We Work With:

Work from Home

Card Not Present

New Start Ups

Bad Credit

High Volume

Large Transaction Size

Online Gaming & Casinos

Multilevel Marketing

Moving & Transportation

Freight Forwarding


Online Firearms

Online Ticketing

Debt Consolidation

Bail Bonds

Online Furniture

Calling Cards

Travel Agencies

Time Shares

VOIP and Telecom

Cigars and Pipes

Software and E-Books



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If you have been turned down by your bank or another Merchant Service Provider, contact us. We have a 90% approval rate. 

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