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Legal and regulatory changes have created the ability to eliminate the fees merchants are paying merchant services companies to process cards.It is a unique program based on language written into the Dodd Frank Bill & the Durbin Amendment whereby merchants can now offer a “cash discount” to their cash paying customers.

For years merchants have asked us, “When are they going to come out with something where the merchant no longer has to pay the fees?” Well, we now have the best program in the history of credit card acceptance. Whether you make sales with card present, card not present- manually keyed, or selling over the internet. You no longer pay the processing fees other than a low flat monthly cost.

See the explainer video on how this works.

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The Next Biggest Thing!!!

Merchants are moving to cash discount pricing models.

Similar programs have been available for years to higher education, municipal, gas stations and utility providers, but now we can offer all merchants the same program.

This pricing model is giving merchants a reasonable option to avoid processing fees. This empowers your customers to choose if they want a cash discount or pay “Card Price.

No More Annual Rate Increases, Hidden Fees or Lengthy Contracts

Pay one standard flat rate for our program even if you’re processing $500,000.00 a month, the minimal fee stays the same. No risk as there is No Cancelation Fees!

How To Get Started

It’s very simple.

There are no start up costs on our starting smart terminals. We will complete an application with you in person, or by phone. Within 24 hours your account will be approved and your free terminal will be delivered in person within a few days after that. You will be trained on your terminal and comfortable with using your new equipment in no time.

Either call the number above or fill out the contact form and one of our Merchant Consultants will reach out to you at your requested time. Looking forward to doing business with you.

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