Developing your Business Strategy for 2021 with Martin Harshberger Featured ImageMartin Harshberger is a small business consultant and business advisor. Following his role as a General Manager for a Fortune 500 company, he founded his own company in value-added logistics in Memphis. After growing the organization to a multimillion-dollar company, Martin started another business and had the same successful growth. He moved away from full-time entrepreneurship to become a business consultant for small and medium enterprises. He helps business owners and CEOs develop successful strategies and positively impact the world through his mentorship program.

Today, Martin joins me to share his advice for business owners on how to develop their business strategy in 2021 and explains why a business strategy is essential for any business, whatever the size. He discusses the things you should focus on to help save your business during these troubling times and shares his advice for business owners that have been closed due to the virus. We also explore the common misconceptions people have about business strategy and how you can boost your leadership to achieve your desired results.

“You’ve got to do something that sets you apart from the competition because if the customer views you the same as everybody else, he looks at two things, price and delivery.” – Martin Harshberger

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Why strategy is essential for businesses of all sizes
  • What you need to focus on to save your business during these challenging times
  • Advice for business owners that have closed down due to the pandemic
  • Industries that are currently experiencing growth
  • A common struggle people have with business strategy
  • The most common ‘missing link’ when companies create their strategy
  • How to boost your leadership to better execute your business strategy
  • What you can do to help change trickle down throughout an organization

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