We’ve been navel-gazing currently.

Making an attempt to boil down the entire B2B Enchilada into three nouns.

Asking ourselves what three issues issues most in B2B advertising and marketing proper now.

What three issues a CMO in a B2B firm ought to make sure that her groups are mastering.

Which additionally occur to be the three issues Velocity works exhausting to mix in new methods for every of our shoppers.

Right here’s what we got here up with. (The alliteration was a cheerful bonus.) (That’s a lie, it was within the transient.) (God, the way to spoil a drum roll, Kessler). (No YOU shut up).

Right here goes: the three nouns. Proper…. right here:

That means, Metrics and Mojo.

The primary two are exhausting to do effectively. The third is so uncommon you’d suppose it was exhausting (in fact, it’s simply ignored).

Let’s take a look at every one, staccato-style:

That means

That is about relevance.

The difficult factor is, Relevance is outlined by your audience. Not by you.

Our jobs as Very Vital Strategic Entrepreneurs (and/or unpaid interns) is to find and leverage this relevance—to construct a bridge between what your ultimate prospects already care about and what your merchandise really do.

This bridge can solely be constructed backwards, from their perspective again to your product. And that’s why it at all times begins with That means.

We expect this That means—this relevance—comes out of your Galvanizing Story (if you happen to don’t have one, this mini-series will help).

In case you haven’t nailed your That means—haven’t completely slam-dunked it—don’t fear concerning the different two Ms. They gained’t matter.


That is about measuring every thing that strikes, then swimming bare within the information each morning earlier than breakfast.

As a result of it seems, if you happen to look exhausting sufficient, information isn’t really information in any respect: it’s your prospects and clients silently screaming to you about every thing they’re into proper now.

With well-tuned analytics (and funky methods like sessionized, instrumented content material), you’ll dial up the quantity of those silent screams in order that they turn out to be loud, clear indicators to your complete advertising and marketing and gross sales crew.

Used correctly, Metrics make you higher at every thing you do (together with how you utilize Metrics). (Inception or what?).


That is the one far too many B2B manufacturers (and, T.B. brutally H., most B2B businesses) pass over of the equation.

Which is an enormous disgrace, as a result of Mojo is a power multiplier. A finances multiplier. Not metaphorically or hyperbolically however actually.

Mojo is confidence, perspective, power, and keenness.

It’s your voice and your stance and the banner you wave as your crew marches down Income Road in the direction of the Mall of Fame.

Mojo is the factor that one of the best, smartest individuals in your organization deliver to work day-after-day—however that one way or the other will get misplaced earlier than you will get it to market.

Mojo turns an organization right into a campaign and a mission assertion into an precise mission.

Mojo sends a very powerful indicators you possibly can ever ship to your prospects and clients: that you simply love what you’re doing. That you simply’re actually, actually good at it. And that they’ll love working with you, too.

Take into consideration your favourite advertising and marketing. It has Mojo.

Now take into consideration 98% of the advertising and marketing you see: a Mojo-free Milkshake of Meh with added So What™.

From the place we’re sitting, this Mojo Hole is the bigges, juiciest, B2B alternative dealing with each B2B model. (And each B2B marketer). (Don’t make me spell this out: For You.).


In case your crew can grasp the primary two of the three Ms, you’ll be doing among the finest B2B advertising and marketing on the market.

However if you happen to goal increased and add Mojo to that?


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